Monday, February 28, 2011

Belgian politics

Just thought i'd make a little post about our politics :D because for the moment it's the only thing Belgium is famous for, our 250+ days long political crisis, just for information, we have three regions in Beglium, Flanders in the North, Wallonia in the South and Bruxelles in the middle. We also have 3 official languages French(spoken in the south) Dutch(spoken in the North) and German by roughly 75000 people living next to germany. For every region you have a different parliament, and then we have a fourth parliament the Belgian Federal Parliament. (=> 4 times more ministers) We have like 70 ministers in Belgium, lot of wasted money...
So after the elections all these people talk, and talk and talk and talk some more about all the little things there not happy about in our little country with our small problems and in the end we ( surrealist belgians) always find an agreement.

End of the story

History of the Belgians (Books that matter)


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Have you been to Brussels already?